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05 August 2009

Mosel River, Germany

I have been home a solid two weeks and haven't posted vacatin photos! Germany and Denmark were amazing. The architecture and history blew me away. As did the culture. I would love to live over there for a few years – just not sure I can handle the gloomy weather they endure 90% of the year. I love sunshine!

One night we were lucky enough to get to stay overnight in a home along the Mosel River in Piesport Germany.

This home was built in the 1700’s and used to be the town bakery. Amazing! A friend of mine from Kuwait recently bought this place with her husband as a vacation/retirement home. The house was definitely old and needs major renovations but it was a gorgeous town.

We loved walking through it and looking at all the cool old homes.

You could see the grape fields in the hills behind the homes and businesses.

We stopped for dinner at a lovely place right along the river.

The wine was great and the meal was probably one of our favorites the entire time. Plus you can’t beat the view!

In this town every year they will have homes blessed. This is what it looks like when your home has been blessed (the writing on the door).

Some of the vintners even build churches so they can have their crop blessed!

Many of the Riesling wines that Germany produces come from this region. The grape fields go straight up into the steep mountains on either side of the river. We were told the clay and minerals in these mountains helps produce wonderful grapes along with the climate.

My dad was doing some extensive research so he could produce similar grapes once home and start his own wine along with his current beer making hobby.

The Mosul River was very peaceful and still.

As we were walking we witnessed a group of men catch an eel!!

The whole trip my dad wanted smoked eel as he remembers having it as a child (his grandparents came over from Denmark). We originally thought this was a Danish tradition but amazingly found the smoked eel all over in Germany instead.

Quite a fun coincidence to have one caught fresh during our walk. Believe it or not the smoked eel is pretty tasty.

Our attempt at a family photo – unfortunately it came out blurry (notice the layers of clothing – yes it was really that cold almost the entire trip!).

As night fell we made the final walk across the bridge and to the home.

Then proceeded to raid the wine cellar for a night cap.

A very fun and memorable evening thanks to Diana and her husband.

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