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28 August 2009

Why I exercise

(Photo from Corporate Cycling Challenge)
Obviously I exercise so I don’t get massive and so that I stay healthy. But often times I do it so I can hop on a bike and participate in the fun without worry. Well at least without worry of being out of shape (I do worry about crashing). I love to gather friends and go on a fun bike ride. A few weeks ago it was to Jazz on the Green.

If you don’t live in the Omaha area, Jazz on the Green is an outdoor concert series held for about six weeks in the summer on the greens of Jocelyn Art Museum in downtown Omaha. It’s a gorgeous setting and packed with people.

I was able to make it to the final concert and even scored VIP seating thanks to Cole’s dad’s company.

Now I know why my premiums for health insurance are so high! It’s because they sponsor events like Jazz on the Green…Last night it was the famous Minneola Taco Ride. Again for those not from this area several years ago a small steakhouse in Minneola, Iowa started doing a special Taco night for bikers. Every Thursday night they serve super cheap tacos, pitchers of beer, margaritas, etc…This steakhouse is right off Wabash Trace so very convenient for biking (and since the town is so small no worry of traffic). Regretfully I didn’t snap any photos of the bike ride but here is part of our group enjoying dinner.

Such a fun alternative to just your normal dinner/drinks, much better to squeeze in a bit of fitness to the equation. Only negative of the evening was that our food took over an hour! They forgot us I think – luckily some friendly patrons shared their tacos.

Until finally our food arrived – word to the wise share! The portions were huge.

Then we trekked it back – the trails are not lit so crazy dark at night. I was very grateful that I took time to stop by Wal-Mart and purchase a bike light.

I am very grateful for the amazing bike trails in the area and that I have friends willing to ride. After years of living overseas and not having this luxury it’s a welcome form of entertainment.

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