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14 August 2009

USACE 75th Anniversary Social and Dinner

My dream job is event planning (parties, corporate events, and weddings). I have been collecting Martha Stewart Wedding magazines for years. I am weird I know – but someday….Until then I moonlight as a party planner. Lucky for meUSACE decided to throw a dinner party to celebrate our 75th year anniversary of Omaha District. Tia and I volunteered to organize the function.

It was held at the Riverside Grille in Council Bluffs and turned out wonderful. I wish I would have taken more shots of the venue before people arrived but I was too busy prepping the venue, prepping myself, and possibly having a cocktail. This was our welcome table with seating cards.

The $8 Wal-Mart flowers my mom artfully arranged along with some greenery cut from her yard and vases I already had. Not too shabby for budget flowers.

The horrendous cake – looked like a 1990’s special. Too much extra fou fou to it. It did taste good so could have been worse.

And even worse the USACE 75 years of service display. This was a cocktail/dinner party – not a townhall or work event. So over the top and took away from the fancy we were trying for. Some battles just can’t be won.

We had a USACE photographer and he managed to bust a few of us on the crackberry’s….

Gotta love the men in uniform.

An action shot of me bossing the COL around – ooops. He must not have been too mad as I got a coin out of the deal and an “On the Spot Cash Award”. Woo woo.

And recognition at the dinner.

The fun social hour where Van worked the room and was sure to spend time meeting everyone (we had about 120 total in attendance).

After a bit of microphone trouble.

it was smooth sailing. LTGeneral VanAntwerp is an excellent public speaker and very down to earth. We are lucky to have such a great Chief of Engineers.

This was our “cool kids” table as we called it. Tia and I were sure to stack our table with a fun group so we could relax and enjoy the evening.

And now for the money shots. Tia and I with the aides MAJ Hicks and LTC Farnsworth

And our Commander COL Press

And the real money shot – with COL Press and the three star LTG VanAntrwerp

Tia, Sue, and I all started USACE in Real Estate – we have since moved up the ladder. (Oh yeah Justin showed up all fancied up as well)

Justin and Tia obviously not happy or impressed with someone. This shot cracks me up.

Cutting of the stellar cake.

Then it was time for dancing….we had live music. Wynn Landers who was excellent but not one really danced. Really who wants to dance with all your co-workers or bosses?

Oh yeah and we had party crashers – no party is complete without a crasher.

These guys are all retired USACE and just happened to be out golfing that night. Sure they were. Finally we closed up shop and headed to the after party where the real fun could kick off – Sake Bomber in the Old Market.

Cheers to a successful party. Sure there will be another next year. It was a lot of work but so much fun. Way better than my daily legal tasks.

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X-Country2 said...

Looks like a fantastic party! (And that's a beautiful dress. Great color on you.)

And this is odd, but I recognize a ton of those people from conferences, trips to the district and SAME events. Crazy crazy world.