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07 August 2009

Tongeren, Belgium

We drove over three hours (one way) from Wiesbaden, Germany to Tongeren, Belgium for two reasons – an amazing market (junk and antiques) and beer. Turns out the Sunday we went was the first Sunday in seven years the market was cancelled! They were having a parade for the Queen! Imagine our disappointment when this was discovered upon arrival. This was the alternative.

As you can see if was not appealing – definitely more on the junk side and the weather was bad. I was not delighted.

I did get to see some gorgeous horses!

Makes me miss summers spent on the farm in Niobrara herding cattle and riding horses with my grandpa and uncle.

At least we were able to partake in Belgium beer.

Some beer better than others and unfortunately we had to partake in some random hotel restaurant. Long story and this should be a positive blog not a negative so I won’t go into details.

Unfortunately overall my first Belgium experience was a bust. But would definitely like to visit again in the future and hopefully experience more culture, antiques (may need a shipping connex), beer, and chocolate!

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