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12 August 2009

The Chicken Inspector

Stopped by last night. Good news is all I have to do is obtain three signatures from the neighbors, install a bit of chicken wire fencing to the shed, and then I am in the chicken business. Does that mean I can then call myself an urban farmer? Has a cool ring to it. I am verrrry excited! I grew up with chickens. My parents raised them, chopped the heads off, and we ate them for dinner…..Ok not quite like that but along those lines, we also had fresh eggs 24/7. Fresh eggs beat the store bought old eggs any day. I have absolutely no plans to chop any heads of my precious chickens. Too morbid and I have a hunch the chickens will get names and become pets. I just want the fresh eggs and the urban farmer title. Amazing how things come full circle –I remember thinking my mom was a bit wacky to raise chickens at one point in my life – sorry mom!

This will soon be the chicken coop. I am going to put a wire wall in the middle so half the shed can still be used for garden tools (plus less cleaning if they only occupy half the shed). I will also (along with the help of some muscle boys) install a fence of chicken wire that will go under the ground and over the top. Can’t risk the escape of a chicken or the chance for Aeisha to enter and use her huntress skillz.

Oh yeah I will side and paint the shed as well – it looks trashy at the moment but was built by my grandpa so want to keep it. I plan to buy Araucanas or US Ameriaucanas – also known as the Easter Egg Chicken. These chickens lay pretty blue/green eggs. How fun is that!

Wish me luck on acquiring signatures and obtaining my farm permit!! Speaking of the backyard big changes have occurred this summer. At the beginning of the year the backyard looked bad:

A sad sloppy yard that was overgrown. A “wall” of sorts that was falling down.

Now it looks like this! Much better with the pretty wall that matches the rest of the yard, greener grass, a few tres/bushes, and less weeds.

I have a lot of work to still. I need to landscape and deal with the mess that you see behind the shed. But it is a start. The third tier will get a high fence and become a garden next spring. Said shed used to reside closer to the house and this was the state it was in early spring.

A disaster huh! Junk, weeds, snakes, ick. Luckily after a lot of sweat, splinters, cuts, and hard work I was able to clean all that out. My awesome landscaper – Jeremy – also moved the shed for me. The area now looks like this:

So much prettier and ready for the installation of a brick patio. I have the bricks just need to make time to install then purchase some loungey furniture. I love the changes and it was well worth it to pay the professionals! They have fancy equipment that I don’t have.

If you are in need of heavy landscaping call Jeremy with Weilage Landscaping. He is great, reliable, trustworthy, and affordable. Now its time to work on the yard and urban farming.

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