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10 August 2009

Frankfurt, Germany

We spent one day in Frankfurt as didn’t want to push trying to travel to Frankfurt and catching a plane into one day for fear of missing our flight. To my surprise Frankfurt was neater than I expected. I always though it was just a huge commercial/industrial city that would have nothing of interest. It is very commercial and large but also a lot to see! We didn’t even tip the iceberg with our short one day tour. We started off with some power shopping and happened upon this gem.

It is the old part of Frankfurt, amazing architecture, fun outdoor cafés, and great weather (which quickly turned to gloom it seems).

There was an Italian festival and after two weeks of German/Danish food Italian food was a very welcomed change. Plus fun to people watch.

We then hopped on your typical tourist bus for the hop on hop/off tour. The new part of Frankfurt is all skyscrapers and modern buildings.

A majority of the city was ruined during the war so it looks so different than many of the other German cities we visited. Definitely more modern. If you are a museum person there are so many different museums you could probably spend weeks. They are almost all in neat buildings like this.

I am not a museum person so was in luck that we didn’t have time to visit any. After our city tour we dropped of our shopping bags and headed to a final German meal.

Such a great ending to an amazing vacation (well except for the pesky mouse running around outside during dinner). Photos of the Rhine River, Wiesbaden, and Denmark will be posted this week.

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