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31 July 2009

Cox Classic

I have never been to a professional golf tournament; I definitely don’t watch golf on tv, to be quite honest I am just not excited by golf. But I am trying to be at least slightly interested as it seems to be the “cool” thing in my crowd of hometown peeps. The peer pressure to succumb to all things golf must have worked as I found myself at the Cox Classic at Champions Club in Omaha last Saturday. Cole’s parents are members so we had tickets and club house passes – sweet.

We watched the pros golf – or maybe time was spent critiquing whose outfit was acceptable and whose was not….

But the course and weather were gorgeous so I was happy.

Around 3 we decided it was time for a cocktail, beer was not appealing so we went in search of mojitos. Lucky for us (or in retrospect maybe unlucky) the club bartender is a mojito making pro.

(It was obviously a bit windy hence the wild hair)
I would gladly take one of the brick homes you see in the background if anyone is willing to gift me one…

After play ended for the day we hit up the clubhouse for a few more cocktails and dinner. The plan was to head to the 19th hole (a big party with live music, fireworks, etc…) Well we made it to the clubhouse.

But then the shots started to arrive, first courtesy of Sammy the Manager.

Then the bartenders.

And it was all downhill from there….

We never quite made it to the 19th hole but we did have a private viewing of the fireworks from the clubhouse patio and more or less our own private party. Nice! I am now jonesing to join Champions or some other mega plush country club. I miss my plush club in Kuwait and Council Bluffs Country Club just isn’t the same.

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Puttin' On The GRITS said...

Where did you get that white dress? I love it!