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02 July 2009

Happy Fourth of July

I know it’s not the fourth but I will be out of the country on the 4th!! Yippee, although seems funny to leave the country during our nations’ holiday. However I must confess I am very antsy for travel and adventure. I have been in the US since mid February. This is record breaking for me so time to mix it up. Lots of photos will be posted when I return mid July. Even more of a bonus is I return home to a newly landscaped yard and freshly stained floors. Woooo wooo.

I celebrated the Fourth of July early. Council Bluffs Country Club had their annual 4th party and firework show Sunday. We went for dinner (not so good),
drinks (strong),

dancing (well technically I observed Courtney’s nieces dancing),

and fireworks (excellent)

It was gorgeous weather and amazing views as the club is right on the water.

Especially as the sun set, it almost felt like we were on vacation. Too bad we weren’t in Hawaii or some tropic paradise.

I forgot how pretty fireworks are!

It also amazes me how much they sound like an incoming mortar or rocket. I jumped a time or two at the loud ones. Even though it’s been a few years since my combat stint one doesn’t easily forget that feeling of unease when you hear an explosion and wonder how close it is or if anyone was injured.

(I need to figure out what setting to use to take night photos!) It’s good to be home amongst family and friends and live in a wonderful country where we have freedom of choice. Freedom to live the life we want not the life we are told to live. I hope everyone has an outstanding, fun, and safe Fourth of July!!!!

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