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24 July 2009

About that Passport

That passport I lost and fretted over for days. That passport I paid $200 to get a replacement for. The passport with all the fun stamps and cool cover that I mourned…..

Yup this would be a photo with said passport (sorry about the crazy hair the train was a disaster)!! I discovered the passport on the train from Copenhagen, Denmark to Wiesbaden, Germany. Nice eh? Tucked away safely in my carry on suitcase just as I remembered. I wanted to scream – wait I may have screamed or at least made a crazy face. I had loaned the suitcase to a relative, asked the relative to look hard as thought the passport was there, she reported back in the negative. Guess it was in some super secret compartment. Grrrrr –a lesson that I should have rechecked the suitcase myself once it was returned (although I think it was too late by then). Better found than forever lost – now I can report to the Passport police and clear up my shady record………….

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