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24 July 2009

I feel like a Slug!

My leg looks like this

And my arm like this

I think it makes me look tough – or like a total klutz. Regardless I can finally move around without total pain so its time to get serious about this fitness thing again. I have slacked off for over a month and I can tell. To motivate I have committed to the following:

* Corporate Cycling Challenge (25 mile bike) August 16
* CB Black Squirrel Triathlon (1000 yard swim, 21 mile bike, 6.2 mile run) August 22
* Omaha Corporate Cup (10K) September 20
* Omaha Half Marathon (13.1 miles) September 27 (not sure on this may be too close to others two races that are definite)
* Army Ten Miler (10 miles) October 3

There will be no backing out and no failure so that means I need to kick it into gear and get back into shape. I also need to work on healthier eating and less dinning out. I think I would love cooking if I only knew how. I now have a brand new kitchen with top notch appliances and an awesome grill outside I barely use. Silly really. Maybe I should sign up for cooking classes. The Classy Gourmet in Omaha has a few that look fun and useful. Anyone have any better suggestions?

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