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30 April 2009

The race is on!

Thanks to the wonders of Facebook an extra race number/chip has been found and Justin is in the race on Sunday with us. Yay. On a side note I was schooled today at the Y by one of the morning runners and fitness queens. As I was inquiring about anyone having an extra number they asked if I was running. I replied with "yeah but just the half". I was told never again to refer to it as"just" a half, that a half is quite an accomplishment. Race photos and results to come after the weekend.

Aeisha has adapted amazingly well to life in Council Bluffs. Despite the fact it is cold and rainy unlike her native dessert climate. Grandma brought her up some kitty grass the other day which she quickly devoured. I know this doesn't relate to racing but I haven't posted any Aeisha photos lately so figured it was time.

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X-Country2 said...

I meant to say that I found my Lincoln bib off Craig's List. (And I'm about 95% confident it will all work out. You never know with that place.)

Good luck finding a bib for your brother and GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!