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10 April 2009

First Downs for Downs Wine Auction

Last week my mom, my brother Erik, and I all went down to Kansas City for the First Downs for Downs Wine Auction. An organization that the Kansas City Chiefs support. Always up for a chance to meet a Chiefs football player, but so far no dice.

My little cousin Max has Downs Syndrome so his family is very involved. Max is doing wonderful; it truly is amazing what a difference a very supportive family and the proper resources can make. We met up with my cousins Teresa, Rod, Pam, Teresa’s friend, and my aunt Betty for wine and biding.

In the end we walked away poorer but with several cases of wine, a set of Riedel wine glasses that my mom won (and desperately needs as hers keep getting broke), and a very cool private party at JJ’s for 10 people. Always great to have a reason to return to KC. Some of the group had volunteered for clean up duty, but by the looks of this photo they slacked.

After the auction we all headed to JJ’s in the Plaza for the after party and then to my cousins for the after after party that involved a bit of hot tub fun until 330 am. Goodness!

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