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27 April 2009

My kitchen

Used to look like this….

Dirty dingy wallpaper, yellowy woodwork (the cabinets were the same until I painted), a fridge that sticks out into the open space, and so so appliances. I can't believe I entertain with a kitchen like this. However, I came home from work on Tuesday night to find this…

A construction crew violently tearing down the walls!

Ok so maybe it’s my brother and my dad

And my brother’s friend and my cool neighbor Jason. Also the tear down wasn't a total surprise. By the end of the week after lots of hard work by said construction crew (all I did was offer up dinners, pick up parts, and observe)

I now have a larger kitchen, a spot to recess the fridge, and direct access to the soon to be built patio.

Now I just need the new wallpaper to be hung (hopefully early next week), the woodwork to be painted white or restored to its original finish (to be decided this week), floors refinished, new lights, and new appliances. Unfortunately I have to wait until the end of June for the floors to be complete (hardwood is lurking beneath that awful linoleum). That means these fun new appliances purchased last weekend won’t arrive till July.

(Images from http://www.geappliances.com/products/cafe/)
Mid July a full reveal of the new and improved kitchen will be posted. In the meantime you’ll have to make do with snippets of progress.

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