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06 April 2009

I really am a runner...

Ok maybe not but here's the story. I absolutely hate rain yet I went for a run on Saturday gloomy forecast and all. I had to get in 11 miles and there is no way I can run that long on a treadmill at the Y. Sure enough about two miles in it starts to sprinkle. At first it didn’t seem bad as I was fully bundled (although not with rain appropriate clothing) but it quickly went downhill. It started to hail! Yes you heard correct I was hailed on during my run, beautiful. Luckily it was smallish hail but still miserable. Never mind I chugged on for as long as I could until I finally gave up and ran to the Y to finish out the final 4 miles. It was definitely not my fastest 11 miles ever but at least I finished. I must say for the first time ever I almost felt like a true runner, as really who else is insane enough to run in hail? The weather forecast for this weekend looks much better (mid 60’s and sunny) and we are staying out at Mahoney for Easter so means a new scenic route for running. I can’t wait.

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