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16 April 2009

HGTV Iraq Edition

This was my “house” for six months. However, not just mine each trailer was shared with three others! Yes four of us lived in these tiny trailers. The trailers were divided in half with a bathroom on each side and two people shared each side. It was cramped quarters to say the least. However I was not one to let a small space look gloomy. This is how the trailer looked when I first arrived (as I was smart enough to bring at least a set of cute sheets, a few photos from home, the trusty bear).

However that wasn’t quite good enough. The government issued curtains obviously clashed and once the “winter” months hit the sheet alone wasn’t warm enough. So online shopped and ended up with this.

The curtains and comforter were from Pottery Barn kids.

The cute chair was bought out on the local economy. I actually wish I could have brought it home but that was not a PCS move so no free shipping and it was over the limit for APO type shipments. Would have been fun outside somewhere.

Most of the bathroom goodies came from my wonderful Mommy who sent me awesome care packages to spruce my trailer up. The shower was so small that the curtain touched you as you showered and more often than not we ran out of water. Nice eh. But I would not have complained as many of the soldiers had to trek to a separate trailer to shower and use the restroom. We were lucky to have our own!

Even though I lived in a postage stamp it was cozy and felt like a welcome retreat at the end of each 12-14 hour day. I had two roommates. One was Cynthia my shooting range buddy. Here she is holding up a piece of shrapnel that may have hit our trailer….

And the other after her was an older lady. I can’t remember her name which is awful. She was very sweat though. I definitely relish my solo living these days. At the end of our trailer park we had a "hang out" space. The Brits and Gurkhas had set it all up and often hosted parties and BBQs. It was fun.

We made the best of the situation, amazing how creative people can be.

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