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29 April 2009

Lincoln Half Marathon Goals

My original goal was just to finish. As when I first signed up running 13.1 miles seemed ridiculous. As I realized I could accomplish I set a goal of finishing in 2 hours. That is still a possibility, but a very slim and very remote possibility. The allergies or cold or whatever craziness I had really put a damper on my running the last few weeks. I feel like I can finish but not sure at what pace.

I need a goal to prevent aimlessly running that would result in an awful time. I stalked all of last year’s participants and highlighted everyone from good ol Council Bluffs. I have decided that I absolutely can not be the last place finisher for CB as that would be mortifying. Many of those that ran workout at the YMCA with me daily, how I could have any pride knowing I came in last. Especially as many are way older than me! The slowest CBer last year was a 45 year old female with a time of 3:24:56, but since she is 45 I figure that is not really fair. The next slowest female in my age bracket is a 33 year old with a time of 2:58:05. This is an average pace of 13:36 per mile. There is absolutely no reason why I would need to run that slow (no offense to whoever this female is as kudos to you just for finishing!!). Plus that is a whole extra hour of running – brutal! My goal is to come in maybe around 2:25 or less. I think that is attainable. The fastest CB girl was a 36 year old with a time of 1:45:36 – no chance I can beat or match that.

The fastest CB male was a 47 year old with a time of 1:42:25 – my little brother can totally beat that time! However MAJOR kink in all plans. He somehow never registered. We are in desperate need of an extra entry. If anyone knows of someone not running either a full or half on Sunday please let me know. We will gladly pay for the bib and chip so Justin can run as he has been training like mad. Please please help us out!

On another note today is National Walk at Work Day so get outside and walk at lunch. Its drizzly and nasty in Downtown Omaha but I am braving the elements to walk at noon.


E said...

Good luck! Can't wait to hear how the race goes- I will be thinking about you!

Melissa Marie said...

Thanks so much! I am getting nervous for sure but also excited. Great news that you and T can still do the marathon!