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15 February 2013

Valentines with those I Love

I am happy to report my grumpy mood and bah humbug Valentines attitude quickly improved as the day progressed. I had plans to make dinner at my house for my mom, dad, and grandpa so set up a pretty table and prepared yummy food.

My awesome little brother and his fiancé were so thoughtful and got me flowers. Such a fun sweet surprise when I got home. They are gorgeous.
I also got a pink gun! Yes you read that right a pink gun! Amazing right? From a friend who is obviously an amazing guy.
And my parents got me this really neat new Vera Bradley (perfect for council meetings as holds our new ipads) full of all kinds of treats for Aeisha and I.
Grandpa brought me red roses which I forgot to take a picture of. By the end of the day I definitely felt lucky and loved. Hope everyone else had a great day.

(I obviously need to break out the real camera more and take less Iphone pics as realized several of these are blurry due to bad lighting - sorry!)

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Raquel said...

Cute table setting & those chairs are fabulous. I absolutely love them.