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04 February 2013

Slow but Steady Progress

I have been trying to help my brother renovate his house as much as possible. Sadly there are never quite enough hours int he day but we are making progress. Thanks to a painter friend I have learned the easy way to strip wood of layers of nasty paint.
Can't wait to sand it down and see how much richer the rooms look with freshly stained pretty wood! Guessing a huge improvement from blue or pink painted woodwork....We did give the windows a fresh coat of a nice bright white for now as tackling the stripping of all windows seemed overly optimistic (plus my brother and his girlfriend like the somewhat more modern mix of wood and white)

Thanks to HGTV I learned a trick for removing caked on nasty paint off brass hardware. Soak it in ice water! I was skeptic but it truly works, a bit of time in ice ice icey water and the paint will scrape right off. A little cleaning with steel wool and pretty tarnished (Justin didn't want shiny brass so I left it a bit aged) brass hardware! Magic.
Sorry about the blurry Iphone pictures
I never could have predicted I would get excited over power tools, sanding, and paint stripper! Maybe with a bit of time and practice I can have my own show on HGTV like the chick from Rehab Addict!!!

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