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23 November 2010

Totten Tigers

Just finished our weigh-in at work for the “Hold the Holiday’s” Challenge. Three of my coworkers in Office of Counsel and I formed the “Totten Tigers” team. Our boss’s last name is Totten, the Tigers part is an inside joke. The goal is to not gain weight as a team from today until the 7th of January. Bonus points are awarded if you actually lose weight. Our team weighed in at 903 lbs. Yikes! I know I need to loose a bit of weight as have struggled lately. So hopefully this will motivate me to put in a few extra miles each day and eat a lil healthier. Sadly, to prepare for our weigh-in the TT decided to gorge ourselves on pizza and soda in hopes of increasing our starting weight a bit to add some flex. Is this horribly wrong?

1 comment:

Teresa said...

I would have totally gone along with the pizza/soda fest. It makes perfect sense!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!