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01 November 2010

One Can Never be too Old for Halloween!

My friend Sara and I ventured to our cabin in Niobrara, NE for the annual Halloween party at Cody’s (aka Sportsmen’s) Bar. This is Cody!!

Amazing costume. Sara and I were obviously cheerleaders. For those not from the Midwest for some crazy reason Iowa and Nebraska fans are always hating on the other team so we thought it would be fun to each embrace our home team.

Starting next year these two teams will play each other – we may have to host a party just so we can wear the unifroms again! A little pre-party fun at Two Rivers

And a little post-party fun at my house

(I realize the photo is blurry, but the only photo that really shows our full outfits - sadly I took very few photos this evening!).
The perfect ending to the Halloween weekend was a fun Silpada Jewelry party hosted by my friend and coworker where we all donned funny masks. Best $1.25 she ever spent!

How did you celebrate Halloween? Do you still dress up even as an adult??

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ElisabethCS said...

Hey! Thanks for leaving a comment on my wreath post!

Sadly, I left it out in the rain and it's already met it's demise.

I did dress up this year. I love Halloween! My hubby and I dressed up as Spider Man and Spider Girl. I need to post pix.