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11 November 2010

Thank You Veterans

There are certain times when words are not enough. This is one of those times. To each of you who have put yourself in harm’s way thank you, you have put the freedom of others before the comforts of yourself and for this I am grateful, because of you I live safe and free. I hope everyone takes time today to not only thank all the Veterans you may encounter but also to say a prayer for all of those currently fighting - their friends and families. I had the honor of visiting the WWII Veteran Memorial in DC a few weeks ago with my brother. It was amazing.

There were a few Freedom Flights there at the same time and so touching to see these Veterans visiting THEIR memorial. The memories of that war flashing across their faces as they looked around was something you cannot recreate. We visited the Korean Memorial as well which was also very touching.

I am grateful that I live in the USA land of the free and home of the brave! I thank each and every Veteran and service member for this privilege.

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Jeanneoli said...

We used to live in DC and the Korean Memorial is one of my favorite war memorials.