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05 November 2010

Prettiness for my Camera

Thanks to my wonderful parents my camera finally has a proper bag. No more throwing it into any ol purse and hoping for the best!

I love love love the bag. It’s stylish and looks just like a purse with plenty of room for the camera and extras so easy to take for a night out, while traveling, whatever the occasion may be. If you are looking for a great camera bag check out Epiphanie. My mom ordered mine a few months ago and we had been patiently awaiting its arrival. Now I just need one of these beauties by Shey*B for the strap and I will be set!

Oh yeah and maybe a photography class or two and a zoom lens. Birthday and Christmas ideas galore.


Lissa said...

Love it all!

Bri said...

such a cute and fun camera bag!

Shell in your Pocket said...

I love that camera strap..that is great!

sandy toe

p.s. I have one of the older ones but I love those flowers.

Teresa said...

That bag is gorgeous! I have an ugly old one that came with my camera....pretty boring. Maybe I should shop around for one to put on my Christmas list!