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10 November 2010

Sorry Bambi :(

Sunday I hit my first deer. Miracle of miracles I have never hit one before with all the traveling I do to my parents out in the country and to our cabin in gorgeous middle of nowhere Nebraska. All I can say is I hope this is my first and last! Traumatic to put it mildly. I felt awful as just no way to avoid hitting poor Bambi. Not sure if she died or lived as she took off into the field and it was super dark. I am trying to be an optimist and hope for the best but the realist in me knows better….I have decided there is no chance in H-E-double hockey sticks that I will ever become a hunter – I cried for a solid hour (and possibly again later that night) over the loss of Bambi and it was an accident. As annoying as the deer are when they eat my Garden goodies I just don’t think I can pull the trigger and purposely kill one for sport. Nothing against those of you that do – just think my shooting will be contained to target practice only.

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Scott said...

Still very impressed!!! Awesome group!