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29 July 2010

We’re Off to the Races…

Horseman’s Park has live horse racing one weekend a year. Last Sunday I was lucky enough to catch a few of the races.

I love horses and miss Big Red (my childhood horse). I think I need someone to buy me a horse – oh yeah they need to take care of it for me also, so I just get the enjoyment of riding. Just such gorgeous animals.

The best part of the final race…..

The jockey of the winning horse was a girl! Very cool in my eyes.

I really want to attend the Kentucky Derby! Every year it rolls around and I wish I was there. The fancy dresses & hats, the mint juleps, the pretty horses. What’s not to love?

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Jeanneoli said...

I would love to go to the Kentucky Derby too....I saw perfect hats for it while I was in France.