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09 July 2010

Little Additions to VanEvery Ranch…

Little by little we are adding accessories to the cabin (aka VanEvery Ranch even though it’s in town). We finally have side tables for a few rooms (compliments of the Goodwill in CB!).

Antlers from a European deer purchased at the Kreycik Elk & Buffalo Ranch (along with a sweet set of Elk Antlers that are yet to be hung).

This very neat weather vane from a local antique store in Crofton called Jeanne's Antiques.

This fun desk used as a nightstand also found at Jeanne's on a rainy day.

And the biggest improvement of all – curtains in the bedrooms!

My dad put his foot down and insisted we purchase and install curtains last weekend –no more peep shows for the neighbors.

Can’t wait to paint this fall/winter and add art/photos/etc….

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