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02 July 2010

Rosenblatt’s Final Hurrah

It was a bittersweet evening. The final College World Series (CWS) game at Rosenblatt. I had been going to these games for as long as I could remember, we started going when wee little with this boy

And his family as my dad worked for his dad and we were all friends. Turns out my dad started his own company and we got tickets as a family

At first it was all about the game and family. Then I turned 21 and discovered the fun of tailgating and passed this on to my parents

And eventually my brothers! Now CWS means friends, family, tailgating, and the game.

Each year we look forward to this week+ and plan our schedules accordingly. Next year it will be different. CWS will be at the brand spanking new TD Ameritrade stadium downtown Omaha. I am excited for this new stadium and its close proximity to my work and home. But sad to leave behind Rosenblatt and the years of memories and traditions. So we enjoyed one last game.

As did thousands of other crazy fans. Several crazier than the rest, crazy enough to jump the barrier and run onto the field…

Clothing was optional it seems. South Carolina won – their first major victory as a school. Congrats Gamecocks!

We left to fireworks and a bagpipe playing Take Me Out the Ballgame while saying goodbye to friends we made over the years, our seat mates. Hoping that next year we would all be assigned seats near each other. Good by Rosenblatt Section 35, Row H, Seats 1-4

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