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30 June 2010

Zoo's assets sold

Published Tuesday June 29, 2010
ROYAL, Neb. -- It didn't quite bring a king's ransom, but land and property that was formerly part of Zoo Nebraska brought at least $25,000 during an auction Monday afternoon.

The four lots alone brought $14,100 and were purchased by the same person.

Mark Fitzgerald, a Norfolk attorney serving as custodian of the zoo while the assets are dissolved, said he was pleased with the Zoo Nebraska board of directors and how they arranged and organized the sale of assets.

Bev Schwindt, one of the zoo directors, said she had mixed feelings about the sale.

Schwindt said it was a bittersweet day because so many people had worked so long and hard to try to keep the zoo going.

*We used to spend most of our summers in Niobrara (my mom, brothers, myself, and my grandpa - grandma and my dad would visit on the weekends). My mom was always very creative with finding fun activities for us, especially as there was no TV allowed at the cabin and believe it or not this was before Internet was readily available. The horror I know! Anyway, one trip I remember is a visit to Zoo Nebraska. We are quite spoiled by the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha. Regardless it was a great outing and a lot of fun. I am very curious as to the fate of the animals that resided at this zoo? Were they sent to various zoo's? Adopted?

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