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09 June 2010

Emotional Wreck

It was confirmed yesterday that I am indeed not cut out to be a mom! Aeisha needed her yearly shots at the vet. She hates everything about the experience. Hates the carrier, hates being touched by other people, hates shots, etc…It breaks my heart to hear her cry and fuss. I stressed over this vet appointment for several days. Once the time actually came it seemed to go smoothly until she got a bit feisty with the vet and had to be held by an assistant with scary leather gloves while getting her shots. The sight of that and her sad little cries pushed me over the edge! I may have shed tears over the scenario. Wowza – if I am going to loose it over my kitty getting shots how in the world would I survive a child getting shots?

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paula said...

haha! I am sure you will be able to do it:)