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10 June 2010


My lack of blogging last week was due to a work trip to Montana. Gorgeous with wide open spaces, clear blue skies (a few rainy skies), and super friendly people. Most of my work was in or around Scobey, MT which is quite small.

Lodging choices were limited at best so I stayed at the Cattle King Inn.

My room could have definitely used a bit of a makeover to modernize it. But guessing most that stay there prefer it to be inexpensive instead of luxurious.

I flew into Williston, ND. My room there may also have needed a bit of updating…

Also I was informed by the Avis Rental lady not to exit the car under any circumstances in a large area on the map during my drive from Williston to Scobey….Of course where do I end up having to stop to use the restroom. Funny - I was definitely the minority! Ok no more complaining. Time to share a bit of eye candy. My morning run along this road was serene and relaxing.

I love running in the country. Fresh air and privacy. Downtown Scobey was probably three blocks and quaint.

I drove around to the various Ports of Entry and stopped several times to snap photos – sure had anyone driven by they would have thought I was crazy (that was my rental vehichle you see in the photo).

But my surroundings were so gorgeous I wanted to capture on camera.

Too bad the storms rolled in. I have a love affair with barns. Someday I want one of my own. I loved these grain barns.

They were everywhere but these particular two caught my eye as had been abandoned so the perfect photo opportunity.

The railroad tracks were still in place.

This abandoned homestead was pulling me in! Always curious why homes become abandoned and also saddens me as some are quite neat, this one was pretty small and basic.

All in all an interesting trip and I always jump at the opportunity to see new places. I did make a small day trip to a border town in Canada called Big Beaver. Photos to come next.

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