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21 July 2010

My Plot at the Community Garden

On a whim I decided to purchase two lots at our new community garden, they were inexpensive ($35 for both) and I was so excited about this garden that I wanted to support this concept. I figured the best way to show my support was to participate. So I planted beets from seed:

Carrots from seed:

Yukon Gold potatoes

Two Pepper plans

And two Tomato plants.

I cannot get over how well everything is growing! I will have fresh veggies in no time! I have already had fresh tomatoes and they were delicious. So exciting to stop by my garden to check on progress on my way too or fro work, I even enjoy weeding. It is relaxing and rewarding. We have a great group of volunteers that laid this brick walkway.

The bricks are form our old brick streets and the “gravel” is recycled glass from the recycling center! I can’t wait to see the community garden grow more and more each year. As a bonus this garden is actually doing better than my larger garden in my backyard – that garden is having a bit of a rocky start….


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Looks like you've got the beets begging to be pickled! ;)

paula said...

this is awesome. I grew tomatoes this year. having a hard time telling when they are ready.