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02 April 2010

Thank you, thank you, thank you

To the volunteers of the Lewis Township and Treynor Fire Departments. I can not begin to express how grateful we are that you saved my parents house from what could have been a horrendous fire. It was close:
But you guys were quick to respond and very skilled.

The fire was extinguished just in time. There were no injuries and the only damage was to the fields.

Amazing. I have expressed my delight for the Lewis Township Fire Department before. It amazes me that this is an entirely volunteer fire department. Each member is willing to be called away and put themselves in harms way to help others without compensation. Amazing group of guys and gals. You are very much appreciated and respected. Word to the wise – please don’t burn on very windy days. Fire’s spread quickly, especially in rural areas with a lot of open dry fields.

*side notes my parents were not burning, a neighbor was. He feels horrible. Accidents happen…

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