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15 October 2009

Lewis Township Fire Department.

A few weeks ago Lewis Township had an open house. I stopped by to check out the place, meet the volunteers, and of course support Jason my neighbor who is new to the team. Doesn’t he look quite dapper as a firefighter…

Now we just need to get him fully certified so he can get a spot with the amazing team of firefighters that make up the Council Bluffs Fire Department. I had the pleasure of meeting many of the CB Fire firefighters a few weeks ago and was very impressed with their commitment to not only their jobs, but the community as a whole. Impressive group of guys that we are lucky to have. Back to Lewis Township – this is an entirely volunteer force. Amazing to me how many individuals are willing to give up their free time and risk their lives for the safety of others. Being a volunteer means being on call 24/7 and responding to a page even if you are in the middle of dinner or relaxing with your family. All of this purely for the personal satisfaction they receive by volunteering. Pretty amazing group!

If only I had such skills I would volunteer. However I don’t think I would qualify so I will have to find other ways to serve my community. The open house was great. We were able to get an up close look at all the fancy equipment.

Rides in the fire truck were offered. Unfortunately for me there was a long line of children waiting for said ride so no ride (I would have felt way too guilty taking time away from the youth). Even though I really did want to ride in a fire truck!! Probably would have been almost as fun as that pole I may have slid down in a fire station recently.

Life flight also stopped by for a visit between calls.

They landed the helicopter in a very small area between several power lines. That takes skill!

Thanks Lewis Township for opening up your home and for volunteering your time to protect others. Most of my family still lives in Lewis Township so I understand first hand how important this service is. As a city resident I am thankful to the Council Bluffs Fire Department for keeping me safe. Every day they not only fight fires but also responding to emergencies (big and small), educate youth about fire prevention, and are great stewards of our community.

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