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26 October 2009

City Council Fundraiser

I haven't posted much on this blog as I am trying to keep it from becoming all city council all the time. However, right now my daily existence mainly evolves around the city council race. This week is the final stretch!

Last Wednesday I had a fundraiser at Riverside Grille and it went wonderful. I posted photos and a thank you on the campaign blog but wanted to post a few of the fun photos for family and friends here.
Erik with his boss (Erik is a tall guy...)

My super sister

My kindegarden teacher - how cool is that

Cole's GQ look - not sure why he had a pink scarf on

My Dad, Grandpa, and Craig

Grandpa who has been very supportive throughout this race

A short little speech to thank everyone

Kirk enlighting Jason on life

Craig and Tia (we still have a few shirts if anyone is interested)

My dad and Kathy

Cole and I

Christine showing her father in law some love

Justin chillin

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