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06 October 2009

Please Vote Today

It is here - City Council Primaries. Today the field of candidates will be narrowed down from seven to four. I am extremely nervous and can’t wait to find out the results later this evening. This may end up feeling like the longest day of my life!! Of course more than anything I hope I am one of the four remaining candidates. It’s been a great experience. I have had the opportunity to learn so much about how the city of Council Bluffs operates and I have met a lot of amazing and talented people. However after learning all of this, meeting all of these people, and seeing first hand what Council Bluffs has in store for its future I want the opportunity to serve on city council more than ever. To ensure my hometown and yours continues to move forward in a positive direction.

It would be an honor if I am elected. Encourage everyone you know to vote, I think we often take this privilege for granted. It is easy to forget what those before us went through to provide every citizen a right to vote. Many citizens in others countries still don’t have this right to vote. So please don’t take this lightly – take a few minutes after work, after school, or when running errands to stop by and vote. The future of your hometown is in the hands of those you vote for. Thanks!!

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