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29 April 2010

Shooting Range

I am participating in Citizens Police Academy through the Council Bluffs Police Department, as part of my City Council stint. It has been an amazing experience finding out more about the police department, how they operate, why they use certain tactics, along with meeting many of our local heroes. Tonight’s topic is Firearms. Not only will we learn about the various firearms used by the department, we are also going to be shooting them…

How is that for scary!?! Me with a weapon is questionable (I think the soldier kept all his kevlar on as protection against me?). My last few tries at shooting were in Iraq and I was a horrible shot. I have been gathering pointers from the sharp shooters in my life all week but have a feeling if grades are assigned I will probably get a failing one :( Lets hope I am wrong and I can pull off a miracle this evening. Most importantly I am hoping for a safe evening with little to no embarrassment. Must admit I am a wee bit nervous.

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Scott said...

That's an awesome site for sure!!! A beautiful woman with a belt fed weapon..... Whoa....