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26 April 2010

Spring Planting

Sadly the spring weather has temporarily (I am hoping its temporary!!) disappeared. But that hasn’t put a damper on my excitement to get my hands dirty and work in the yard. I stopped by a plant sale Saturday morning and stocked up on goodies for my yard

(the photo doesn’t include the flowers I bought later in the day). Now I just need the rain to cease and the sun to shine so I can plant. Luckily last weekend we had gorgeous planting weather at the cabin. We took advantage and planted a few trees, shrubs, and plants.

Can’t wait to see how everything looks when we return Mothers day! All the goodies were purchased at a local nursery in Verdigree, Green River Garden Center.

It was the cutest little place with a huge selection and amazing prices! Super helpful staff also, my mom dad and I had a great time.

Oddly enough we were going to drive to Yankton (about 30 miles) until Friday evening at Two Rivers a local informed us of this gem less then 10 miles away. Another reason I love small towns! Did anyone get lucky with awesome spring weather? Can’t wait to see what others are planting.

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