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08 April 2010

Gourmet Dinning in the Great Outdoors

I recently found the website for Outstanding in the Field and am in love with this idea/concept. This group travels the country setting up outdoor dinning rooms in spectacular settings and the local farmer brings their produce to create a meal and answers questions about their farm. The meal is paired with wine and each diner brings their own plate which adds to the eclectic feel of the event.

What a cool cool way to utilize the talents of local farmers and chefs, and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

This tour is scheduled to stop in Waukee, Iowa the 29th of July and I very much want to gather a few friends and attend. It is so unique and fun.

To me there is nothing better than country life, mix this with gourmet locally grown food, excellent wine, and good friends and you are in store for a very fun and relaxing evening.

I actually think this would be fun to do locally as well – we are staring a Farmer’s Market in Council Bluffs so maybe an addition to that would be a semi monthly dinner at the gorgeous farms in the area.

All photos from Outstanding in the field.

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