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22 April 2010

Huntington Beach, CA

This post is a few weeks late but figure better late than never.

Huntington Beach was the perfect much needed recharge. The weather was perfect, the beach was gorgeous, and the company top notch! My parents and I along with The Scott’s and their daughter all went down for a Taco Johns convention (The Scott’s own several) but really it was just an excuse for a vacation.

We stayed at the Hyatt on Huntington Beach and it was very very nice.

They had the coolest fire pits all over the property that you could roast marshmallows and make s’mores at.

Of course we spent loads of time walking on the beach and enjoying the sights.

Such as a surf competition.

And gathering shells.

I had several long runs on this path and I can assure you 8 miles has never went by so quickly. Beats running through the city.

I would run by this RV park daily – would be the perfect way to spend a few years of retirement. Cruising the country in an Airstream!

Of course we also had to partake in a happy hour

Or two…this one was for Taco Johns.

(That is the founder of Taco Johns with my dad!!)
An oyster shooter

And amazing seafood on our last night (anyone have Photoshop? I need to Photoshop out the pink….).

It was very hard to leave!

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