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04 May 2010

Just call me Pepper.

For those not familiar click this link to learn who Pepper is….I had to do the same as a kind Fire Fighter called me Pepper after viewing my photos from the range. We started out with the simulator which was a lot of fun and a good chance to test out our skills (or in my case lack of skills). The instructors were awesome and gave us each a few pointers. Then we proceeded to the range for a few more pointers.

A few trial shots

Then 10 rounds fired.

I was quite impressed with my results! We were supposed to hit the target in the middle. All of mine were well grouped and several hit the target. Who knew I had such skills? Not I!!! Believe it or not I did the best of all in the class and have had several comments that I am dangerous. Always a good way to impress the boys?

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