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13 May 2010

Mother’s Day in Niobrara

The original plan was to spend a long weekend over Mother’s Day weekend in Niobrara. However a family death put a crink in the plans. Luckily we were able to adapt and just went a few days earlier for a short version. It was so much fun to spend a few days with my entire family as this is a rare occurrence these days. We started the mini-break with dinner at Two Rivers (well the rest of the crew started earlier at Sportsman’s but I was a late arrival).

Thursday entailed a tasty morning breakfast.

A morning of fun and adventure out at the land for my brothers (which may have resulted in a fall into the pond….)

A 12 mile run for me. And then a trip to our new favorite nursery in Verdigree for more plants. Little by little the yard will look more ours less blank weedy space!

I love the small additions (there were more but it started to rain so didn’t get better photos) and pops of color and can’t wait to add mulch so it looks more finished. Even the dogs were able to come along for the family fun.

Sadly they didn’t get along so it made things a bit difficult. Our last evening in Niobrara we hosted Pam and Brock. My brothers decided to teach him early that Iowa – not Nebraska – is the team to root for!

Oh yeah and Erik made a scrumptious dinner!

(my wonderful dad and brothers removed a few hideous cabinets in the kitchen so we now have a more open floor plan!)
Can’t wait to return Memorial Day weekend and see how our yard looks and just relax a bit.


paula said...

what a fun chalk board wall.

E said...

12 mile run?! holy moly- you go girl! i have not done one of those in so long. i'm pretty sure my legs would fall off!!!