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26 May 2010

“Stolen” Flowers

I LOVE fresh flowers in my home, now I get them for free outside. Two of my neighbors (brothers) are renovating a home down the street, in the yard are several gorgeous huge peony bushes. I decided they obviously aren’t enjoying them so why not cut some for my inside enjoyment! I trudged home in the dark of the night with a bundle of stolen flowers and was able to make several arrangements here is a sampling of a few:

So gorgeous and such an impact on the room. Ok ok I didn’t really steal the flowers in the middle of the night (although I did contemplate this) – I asked permission first and was granted unlimited access to said flowers. Score for me! Especially as more are about to bloom. I love summer! My yard is starting to bloom which makes me insanely happy. Here are a few snippets.

Can’t wait till things really fill in over the next few months.

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