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21 May 2010

Tie Dye Sneak Peek

We decided on tie dyed tank tops for the Half Marathon Sunday as I dropped the ball on getting custom shirts made. I purchased basic white singlet dri-fit tanks at Target, rubber bands, and two boxes of purple Rit Dye. Here is a sneak peak of the tanks that are sure to make us extra fast and full of energy:

Look how nice and dark purple they look:

Turns out dri-fit doesn’t seem to take dye very well? Once removed from the dye and rinsed, the tanks became a very pastel lavender instead of a dark purple. Has anyone had success with dri-fit and tie dye? Photos of the finished product to come after the Half – although truthfully they look a bit dull. I hate when projects don’t turn out perfect! Aeisha loved chasing the rubber bands around the house whenever she got a hold of one. It tired her out as you can tell from these photos.

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