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25 May 2010

Council Bluffs Half Marathon 2010 Recap

Two words – Hot - Humid! It was a brutal race, we have had very cool temperatures here this spring and the warmest has probably been high 70’s. Turns out Sunday was high 80’s and extreme humidity even at 7am. Mix in a bit of partying Friday night and this does not equal a recipe for a successful race. My goal was 2.05, 2.10 worst case.

I came in at 2.15 (10.21 average pace) = upsetting. Everyone's times were slower due to the heat so I guess that is a minor consulation prize, and I should have not partied it up on Friday (but it was my brother’s birthdays!). Overall I was the 307th person (out of 634 total runners) to cross the finish line, I was 131/357 girls and was 28/65 in my age group for females. Pretty much middle of the pack which I am fine with – I have no grand illusions of becoming a rock star.

Sadly we didn’t take photos before the race and for some reason snapped photos the minute I finished so I look like a hot mess. But a finish is a finish (and I didnt walk at all)– now hoping to start training for another half soon and the CB Triathlon in August. I need a reason to stay motivated.

Pulled this off the website:
Number of Finishers: 634
Number of Females: 357
Number of Males: 277
Average Time: 2:20:44
Love that more females ran than men! I also just realized my tie was slightly above average so I am going to celebrate that and try to improve.

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E said...

you are a rock star for even finishing that one!! i can't run in heat or humidity to save my life, so i'm very impressed by your race. you are a champ- congratulations!