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21 May 2010

My Bike Needs Accessories

I have more or less mastered the clip in pedals/shoes on the road bike thanks to a patient and amazing coach. I rode a few nights ago which reminded me how much fun it is to get on a bike and just ride chatting the night away. A reminder that its not all about the race. Now that summer is quickly approaching there are so many great outdoor events that are within bike distance (as is my office) so I really want to start biking more – driving less. How perfect is this bike basket from Kate Spade:

I love it! I haven’t yet gotten my Easter basket form the Easter Bunny (aka Mom)… It reminds me of Denmark, Amsterdam, Germany - towns where everyone has a basket on their bike as they ride everywhere. My only concern is would the added weight tip me over? Remember I am new to the road bike….I am also unsure if you can even fit a basket on a road bike. Maybe I need this bike for “fun rides”.

And while we are on the topic, I also need a stylish helment for fun rides. This is my choice.

Sadly I don't think any place in the US sells them - looks like I need a trip abroad!! Even more sad is they are sold all over the place in Denmark and I had found this site last year but didn't take the time when visiting to actually find the store and purchase one.

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X-Country2 said...

That hat is HOT!