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25 March 2015

Polar Plunge 2015 - Grease

The Polar Plunge is such a great great event that raises money for Special Olympics. This year all the teams raised over $37,000 for the olympics with my team (Ice Holes) raising over $12,000 on our own! I wont take credit as I didn't raise anywhere near that but some of my great team members did.

 I love how much fun our team has choosing a theme and getting all dressed up. We travel to the event on a bus and it turns into such a fun fun morning and afternoon all while doing something good for others. This year my brothers even joined the fun as "chickens". Loved having them with me.

We were blessed with a super nice weather day and it almost felt like cheating this year as the water was cold but no ice and once you were out of the water the sun quickly warmed you up. No complaints here!

After the plunge there are always some fun shenanigans that go down.

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