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11 March 2015

Niobrara Cabin Living/Dinning Room Updates

I am always amazed what some sweat, paint, furniture, and decorations can do to transform a space! The cabin is no exception. Here we have the added bonus of new flooring which is a game changer as well. This is the living/dinning area the day we bought it. Fancy lattice work on the windows and all.

Here it is a few weeks ago. I honestly can't believe how different it looks. We still need molding and baseboards but it's a huge improvement. A few more decorative pillows would be a bonus as well.

I just can't get over how much better it looks! My dad and brothers did the flooring themselves and it made such an impact. The curtains were leftover from my townhouse in Kuwait. Maybe not my first choice but they actually added some fun color to the rooms.

This is the dinning area before. I am still torn on if we need to do something more with the lower cabinet portion.

For now it's new paint, light fixture, flooring, switching out handles, and accessories. The below picture was snapped quick right before we left so not overly styled (hello no plant or flowers in the bucket). We need a new light for that hallway and I have different material for the chairs. In a perfect world my brothers would make me an awesome farm table for this area with wood from the hog shed at the land. Hint Hint....

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