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03 May 2014

The Shed Progress

Progress is being made on my future weekend getaway. This lovely shed is undergoing some much needed TLC after several years of neglect and a little storm damage.
I can’t wait to get the walls painted, new flooring installed, and fill the place with furniture and accessories.
It’s just so peaceful out in the country and will be a welcome break from the hectic daily race known as life.
So far it’s been mostly all tearing out of old dirty carpet, furniture, and patching up damaged walls. However, Sunday when the sun finally came out after a thunderstorm filled morning I did take some fun gold spray paint to the deck chairs and planted a few colorful flowers in a new pot. Can’t wait to fill more  pots full of flowers for a true county oasis.

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Tron Duick said...

I trust you will keep this up - it seems a lot of work. IMHO there is way too much attention paid the coasts and few with an eye to the wraith-beauty in Midwest. I'm a Viet vet - thanks for your service.

We are privileged to own, live and work a 120 acre farm in Ohio.

Best wishes Tron Duick