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06 May 2014

The chicks are growing!

When I was younger we would go visit my Uncle Mel in Niobrara at his farm every summer. He was a lifetime bachelor and from time to time would have a sick calf, pigglet, or other adorable farm animal hanging out in his bathroom while receiving a little TLC.

I always thought he might be a little crazy - farm animals don't belong in our house! Well I currently have either chickies and four geese hanging out in my guest bathroom waiting for their coop to be complete......Who is off their rocker now?

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layla said...

my brother and I had chicks as pets for a few months - we kept them in our kitchen (eww, I know).
- they were pets/easter gift

just found your blog via your comment on flowerpatchfarmgirl...

can't wait to read your posts this weekend {stalk your blog :)}