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20 May 2014

Celebrate CB Parade 2014

Luckily the bug is fixed and was back in parade ready status just in time for this year's event. 


Unfortuantly due to a decision by the Celebrate CB Parade Board  there was somewhat of a black cloud over our parade this year. A Veterans float was excluded and it caused many other groups to bow out to support the Veterans. I still participated as I felt as a member of the City Council I didn't want to let down all of the students, businesses, and nonprofits that spend hours or more creating floats, practicing their routines, and preparing for this parade.

We were blessed with a gorgeous weather day and my driver (thank you brother Erik) did amazing. Thankful for that and hopeful a solution will be worked out to ensure the Veterans are not excluded next year. All three of the Head kids particpated in the parade this year and our mom - quite possibly the greatest cheerleader ever - came out to watch us.

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