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31 July 2013

Introducing the Holiday Rambler

My youngest brother named our newest toy the Holiday Rambler - love it! I will be the first to admit when my dad sent a text (well had my brothers send a text) saying I needed to hurry up and get to an auction as he had a camper for me to look at I thought without a doubt this was a joke. No way do I want this questionable drive-able camper. Especially as I highly doubted it even ran. The camper of my dreams is a pull behind vintage airstream.

However after further inspection the inside held a whole lot of charm and potential and was in such good shape (albeit quite dated) I started to come around to the idea. I mean I have always wanted a camper and here is one just begging for a new home and someone to bring it back to life. We also found out it does indeed not only drive but runs like a champ! 

Before the day was over I was all on board with the crazy 1980's camper and it's charm and potential. Add in the fact we were able to snag it for a total steal and I felt like it was a win win situation! So here she is in all her glory just waiting for a little glamification.....

Road trips and glamping are in my future, my dad has even agreed to go on a road trip or two in this beauty! If you know my dad you know this is a total shocker. He might like the camper even more than my mom and I! I have of course been pouring over camper renovations for ideas. Stay tuned for more pictures.

It goes to a local mechanic for an inspection this week - hoping it passes the test and we can drive it on a maiden voyage to a Billy Currington concert in Crete, NE next month! 

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